6 Potentially Awkward Moments That May Arise When Dating Someone With A Smartwatch

This weekend, my boyfriend got a new Samsung Galaxy phone and accompanying smartwatch, which is exactly what it sounds like — one of those watch phones they’ve been promising us since “The Jetsons.” The next big thing is here indeed. But the next big thing is weird. At first, I was just so relieved that he didn’t get Google Glass because I wouldn’t have been able to be seen with him in public anymore. When that wore off, I realized the watch phone came with its own set of quirks. And let’s just say, the smartwatch and I haven’t quite made peace with each other yet. Below, some awkward scenarios I failed to consider:

1. Taking photos or video looks just like checking the time. My boyfriend and I were out to dinner and I was digging into a hamburger when he started chuckling at his watch. “What’s so funny?” I asked. Oh, he was just snapping photos of me eating. Because…surprise! There’s a camera lens on the side of the watch, which means that photos and video can be taken covertly. This is great for catching weird subway moments, not so great for getting unsavory pictures taken without your knowledge. Of course, I trust him not to share any pics of me with mustard on my face, but I’m envisioning the many ways this watch can be misused.

2. The watch makes catcalling noises. In the first few hours of having his watch, I had not yet habituated to its sounds. From behind, I heard what I thought was my boyfriend whistling at me, which was unsettling. But it wasn’t him, it was just his watch notifying him that he had a new email. Now imagine that sound every time you get an email or text. Your boyfriend’s arm will be whistling around the clock, depending on how popular he is.

3. Voice texting can be easily mistaken for conversation. “Are you almost ready to leave?” I asked him, when we were on our way out the door. “Absolutely,” I heard him say. Then: “Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. Cancel. Cancel. Cancel.” He was trying, unsuccessfully, to send a voice text to…someone else.

4. Voice texts can be sent mistakenly. We were sitting on the couch having a conversation and he was fiddling with his watch phone. The phone picked up something he was saying and sent it to me as text. It was funny to us, but also, could be very dangerous if you’re saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

5. Your morning alarm goes off in two places at once. My boyfriend synched up his watch phone with his regular phone, so when the alarm, which he sets from his phone,goes off in the morning, it goes off in the bedroom AND the living room, or wherever he left the watch the night before. I mean, one alarm playing the Super Mario Brothers theme song is enough without having to divide and conquer to save Princess Toadstool.

6. The watch can ring at anytime. Thus far, the weirdest time he got an incoming phone call on his watch was when we were coming out of the subway station. That was disorienting enough, to be holding his hand and have it start ringing and buzzing, to hear another person’s voice blaring from his wrist. And this was just walking down the street. Thank god we weren’t in bed.