Donald Glover Cryptically Explains Why He Left “Community” — On Hotel Stationery? [Updated]

Donald Glover is leaving “Community” five episodes into the current season, but no one, including Glover, has given any explanation as to why. The once super active Twitter user has been pretty quiet on social media lately and some suspected he was choosing to focus on his rap career (as Childish Gambino). But in the Instagram snap above, Glover seems to be saying that he left the show because he’s had a rough year and needs some time to figure shit out on his own? Some have taken this note as a sign of trouble, and the part about seeing friends die is certainly upsetting, but I think Donald could just be trying to convey his disenchantment with Hollywood. Regardless, sounds like he needs a break. In the meantime, he’s being smart about his finances, going for the moderately priced hotel over, say, the Four Seasons. I hope they upgrade his room as a thank you for the subtle shout out. [Uproxx]

UPDATE: So I didn’t realize that this was actually just one of a series of notes, written on Marriot stationery, that he posted to Instagram. Together, they certainly take on a more heartbreakingly honest and vulnerable tone. See them in order after the jump!