Colorado Anti-Choicers Get Enough Signatures For Fetal Personhood Ballot Initiative

Jessica Wakeman | October 15, 2013 - 4:30 pm

Anti-abortion activists have been successful in collecting enough signatures to get a fetal personhood ballot initiative for the 2014 election.The initiative will ask voters if they would like to change the definition of a person to include fetuses, or in anti-abortion parlance, the “unborn,” in the state’s criminal code.

One supporter of the initiative is a woman who lost her baby when she was eight months pregnant after she was hit by a drunk driver. But the ultimate goal for anti-choicers in pursuing fetal personhood isn’t to protect pregnant women from violence; in fact, as Think Progress notes, Colorado already has such a law. No, their intent is to criminalize all abortion by essentially classifying it as murder.

Usually anti-abortion activists work to get fetal personhood amendments added to the state constitution, as they have attempted in Colorado a couple of times before without success. This latest attempt now directs its focus on the state’s criminal code. Here’s hoping voters continue to see through them and their shady tactic continues to fail.

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