Baby Fainting Goats & 7 Other Animal Cams!

If you are a human being with a heart and a soul and the ability to emote and feel, you will most certainly enjoy clicking on the video above and watching the mesmerizing live feed of these baby fainting goats from the Barnyard Buddies farm in Colorado. For the uninitiated, fainting goats are goats that have a inherited and harmless genetic condition that causes their muscles to freeze when they’re startled or excited. They don’t actually faint — just collapse to the ground, completely aware of their surroundings, and are not harmed! This is truly the most adorable affliction I’ve ever heard of. This live cam is highly recommended, but if goats aren’t your thing, check out some other animal cams after the jump!

Shiba Inu Puppycam: This is the one that started it all, and the soothing effects of watching a pile of squirmy puppies bite each other’s butts and flop around like little sacks of love are second to none.

Bifengxia’s Panda Toddler Cam:  The panda cam is the crack of the animal cam world. This is the good stuff right here. According to the website, the best times to tune into this are from 4 p.m.-12 a.m. PST, so adjust accordingly. If you want some hot panda action in the meantime, the San Diego Zoo has a very reliable and adorable livecam of their pandas right here.

A Second Chance Kitten Rescue CamWatching this is going to be kiiinda boring, because for the most part, cats sleep all the goddamn time. Regardless, keep this open in a tab while you’re working and check in periodically  — they could be awake, doing something absolutely adorable. Then it’s all worth it.

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Sea Otter Cam From the Elkhorn Slough: Sea otters lead a pretty incredible life. They spend all day in the ocean eating shellfish and napping. Every day of their life is like a vacation. Check out these handsome fellas at the Elkhorn Slough, and if they’re just, you know, hiding from the invasive eye of Big Brother, go on over to the Vancouver Aquarium’s livestream to see what those guys are up to.

Beluga Whales at The Vancouver Whales: I’m not quite sure what to make of beluga whales, because my knowledge of them is limited to the Raffi song and their affinity for mariachi music, but watching these guys just hang out and swim lazily across the screen is relaxing.

Katmai National Park Brown Bear Cam at Brooks Falls: These guys! I could honestly watch these big dummies all day. Bears are inherently hilarious, really cute and lend themselves readily to self-reflection. As the bear stands in the water, contemplating life, contemplate yours as well. Clicky-click and watch these brown bears eat, catch fish and gossip.

Weedy Sea Dragon Cam, Aquarium of the Pacific: I wasn’t quite sure what I was even looking at until I figured out that the weedy sea dragon is a little fish in the same family as the seahorse, with natural camoflauge that makes it look like weeds, hence the name. This live cam is the modern equivalent of an aquarium. Full screen this bad boy and zone out on your lunch break.