Artist Endia Beal Photographs “Black Hairstyles” On White Women

  • Check out these photos by artist Endia Beal, who got white women to get so-called “Black hairstyles” and then pose for portraits in a series called “Can I Touch It?” Beal, who is Black, said she wanted to challenge the notion of what baby boomers consider to be a professional appearance in the workplace.  [Colorlines, Slate]
  • House Republicans. Government shutdown bullshit. Birth control. I just can’t with these people anymore. [RH Reality Check]
  • There are actually Malala Yousafzai conspiracy theories, like she’s a plant for the CIA. Yup. Uh huh. [Atlantic Wire]
  • Did a sexual assault occur in public during Ohio University’s homecoming last weekend while everyone took pictures?  [imagery NSFW] [BuzzFeed]
  • A trans woman in Colorado is suing Planned Parenthood because she said she was denied a free breast cancer screening because she was not born “genetically female.” [LGBTQ Nation]
  • Teenaged girls in Syrian refugee camps are forced to choose to marry young for financial security. [Newsweek]
  • Frats: still occasionally terrible towards women. [Salon]
  • Blogger Lux Alptraum from Fleshbot on nude modeling as a teenager. [Medium]
  • Do women have more to lose if immigration reform dies? [ColorLines]
  • Eleanor Catton has won the 2013 Man Booker Prize for her novel, The Luminaries. [The Atlantic Wire]
  • On the hunt by researchers for a breast cancer vaccine. [USA Today]
  • Fourteen women who’ve won the Nobel Prize for science since Marie Curie. [Mental Floss]
  • On how the University of Washington has grown the number of women in science and engineering programs through a national grant. [Seattle Times]
  • A former secret agent says that Nelson Mandela would not have been as successful in South Africa’s anti-apartheid activism without his wife Winnie Mandela by his side. [The Wrap]

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