Note To Grooms: Do Not Forget Your Bride At The Gas Station

Of all the things to forget when when returning from your honeymoon, you might wanna make sure your new bride isn’t one of them. A pair of German newlyweds were traveling back from their honeymoon when the groom stopped at a gas station to fill ‘er up. His bride, who had been asleep in the backseat got up to use the bathroom unbeknownst to him. When she returned from the toilet, her new husband had driven off into the sunset without her. And oh, it only took him two and a half hours to notice she was gone.

“My first reaction was: is he stupid?” the 33-year-old bride said in a radio interview. “I had no money and no telephone with me. I’m not angry with my husband. He didn’t mean it.” Although I believe her, this type of slip up doesn’t bode so well for their marriage. [Metro UK[Photo from Shutterstock]