Man Who’s Banged More Than 1,000 Cars Is Ready To Settle Down

After losing his virginity 45 years ago, Edward Smith of Yelm, Washington, knew that the way he felt about headlights and bumpers was the way most men felt about “boobs and buns.” Although he never forgot his first — a neighbor’s Volkswagon Beetle — the self-proclaimed mechaphile went on to sleep with thousands more automobiles and one woman (who we can only assume is his long-term neighbor Sarah, who is very happy that he’s found “something that makes him happy”).

Now, at the age 62, after driving around with any car or helicopter part that ignited his passion, Smith is ready to give up his slutty ways and become a one-car kind of man. Well, kind of. Although he considers his carfriend Vanilla (a secondhand VW Beetle he’s been with for 30 years) his number one, he still has two other cars he sees on the side — Cinnamon and Splash. But Vanilla doesn’t seen to mind much. Their relationship is as solid as steel according to Smith.

“When I hold Vanilla in my arms there’s a powerful energy that comes from her in response to that … There’s something about Vanilla that I can’t fully express on an emotional level,” Smith said of his carfriend. Awww. How sweet. See! Who says a relationship can’t get serious after three decades? [Oddity Central]