Lucky Arby’s Customer Gets A 28-Inch Curly Fry

French Fry enthusiasts, behold one of the world’s longest curly fries. The 28-inch fry was scored by one Gary Young of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on a routine trip through his local Arby’s drive-thru. Young was digging into his hot roast beef curtain combo meal on his way home when he discovered the inconceivably long curly fry. “I was shocked. That’s like the biggest fry I’ve ever seen. I thought it was a snake,” he said. Luckily it wasn’t a snake. This would be a whole different kind of story if it was.

He resisted the urge to feast on the monster fry and took it home and measured it instead. Although it’s not eligible for the Guinness World Record (that’s held by Kim Medford, who received a 38-inch curly fry from an Arby’s in North Carolina), Young is still proud of his special French fry. “Well, it’s definitely the biggest one in Tuscaloosa, and that’s all I really care about,” Young said. Good attitude. And now, we know where to go for freakishly long curly fries. Let’s hope this isn’t an indicator that they’re using genetically engineered potatoes. [Tuscaloosa News]