10 Things Guys Have No Idea Are Foreplay

Guys, let’s talk foreplay. We’ve recently realized that there are two different kinds pre-sex prep. There’s foreplay — the standard kissing and licking and touching that you know and do so well — that prepares our bodies for sex. And then there’s the foreplay BEFORE the foreplay — the intense eye contact you make for no reason, the nice text you send out of the blue, the way you take our earrings off when we’re changing out of our work clothes — that prepares our minds for the act. We know this might seem like a hell of a lot of foreplay, but if the goal is mind-blowing sex, it’s worth it to do the little things that get our brains hot and bothered. Trust us. Below, some things you might have had no idea women consider foreplay (try them tonight and thank us later).

1. Taking off her earrings. Taking off clothes is a given, but it’s so hot to feel manly hands delicately removing a dangly earring.

2. Sending a text to say that he’s thinking of you. Guess what? Now we’re thinking of you too. In a slightly dirtier way.

3. Telling her she smells amazing. That particular compliment makes us feel like a sexy flower…or cupcake…or something.

4. Changing the bed sheets. Not only do we appreciate this from a household chore perspective, but there’s nothing more sex-friendly than warm, clean sheets.

5. Helping put lotion on her back after the shower. It’s satisfying to have someone get the spots you can never reach, plus we’re already naked!

6. Cleaning the sex toys and lining them up on he dresser to dry. Not the most subtle approach, but hey, it works.

7. Helping her take her makeup off at night. Gently wiping off our mascara as we lie in bed always creates a surprisingly intimate moment, raccoon eyes and all.

8. Making intense eye contact for no reason. This kind of staring contest ends when one of us can’t resist jumping on the other.

9. Putting on a Sam Cooke record. Whether or not you meant to, this is a mating call.

10. Making a joke about a sex tip he read in Cosmo and coming up with a much dirtier, much more realistic one. We’re never going to have anal sex while hanging upside down from the shower rod, but we’d really like to hear what other, more realistic things you’d like to do to us in the bathroom.

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