Tonight! Join Us As We Live Tweet The Season Premiere Of “The Walking Dead”

We’re counting down the seconds until “The Walking Dead” season four premiere, and the suspense is KILLING US. (See what we did there?) But before we begin another season of zombie madness, let’s have a moment of silence for Andrea (RIP), zombie Merle’s brain (RIP), and Carl’s innocence, lost in season three (also, RIP).

Now let’s talk season four, shall we?
Here are some of our burning questions: Where did the governor go and to whom is he giving the evil eye? Will Rick, the ghost of Lori, and the ghost of Andrea have a powwow? Who will Carl kill next? Will the new residents be banished to another cell block? How old will infant Judith be when we return? Will TV magic make her six-years-old? Will Daryl ever find the much deserved happiness he deserves?
Whew! Now I need a cocktail. Be sure to tune in to “The Walking Dead” tonight at 9 p.m. EST on AMC and join Amelia on Twitter at @TheFrisky to tweet along with us!