#StarbucksDrakeHands Guy Was Trying To Make The Girl Laugh With His Video

You know you’ve made it life when you make a seduction video for a lady you’re wooing and it’s so special that it lands you an “Inside Edition” interview. Such was the case for #StarbucksDrakeHands guy, known in real life as Brody “Odag” Ryan Curtis. An aspiring something-or-other creative type, Brody works as barista at a Los Angeles Starbucks. Just until fame finds him. Which it seems to have. But according to Brody, he never met model Piper Kennedy (the girl who made his video infamous) at Starbucks. The real scoop about how the “Drake Hands” video came to be after the jump.

According to Brody, he and Piper actually met through a dating app. After messaging each other and exchanging photos of their dogs, Piper ghosted him. He felt like all of us do when a person we think we might like “drops off”: totally confused. Two weeks passed, and he still hadn’t heard from Piper, so Brody and his friends decided to make the “Drake Hands” video as a last-ditch effort. “We were trying to be cute, comical, not really caring what her reaction was …We intended to make her laugh, and in the end we made the entire world laugh,”  explained Brody. Well, that he did.

Even though Piper leaked Brody’s video to the ENTIRE WORLD instead of messaging him back, he still seems open to meeting her in person. “I would have loved to have met her, I would have loved to have been the barista who served her up some coffee, but it didn’t work out that way.” There’s still hope for these two. In an interview with Ryan Secrest, Piper said an in-person meeting wasn’t out of the question.  “I’m sure that we will end up seeing each other again at some point because there are people wanting to see us together in person,” she said.

My personal opinion: move on, Brody. Piper leaked your private communication to the world. Which turned out to be great for you, but that’s beside the point. The girl’s definitely not interested.

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