Poll: Would You Help Pay For Your Own Engagement Ring?

Would you ever help your significant other pay for your engagement ring? Apparently it’s happening more than we know.

Last week, while falling asleep to the evening news, I overheard a report that had me bolt up from my semi-coma and stare at my TV screen in confusion. The newscasters were discussing the increasing frequency of women helping their boyfriend’s purchase engagement rings— by chipping in.

Lots of women have been more and more active when it comes to choosing their engagement rings, from selecting a cut to designing the exact ring they want. But now, some are even offering to help pay for the bling they want to see on their ring finger until the end of time.

With the state of the current economy, combined with the slow extinction of “old school” marital traditions (and even the possibility of a larger rock!), I can understand the appeal of chipping in, as did most of the ladies who were polled on the news. Surprisingly, it was the men who were hesitant to have their girlfriends to contribute.

But this rule isn’t limited to male-female couples! Same-sex couples could also face the issue when it comes time to pop the question. So we want to know…

Would you ever help pay for your own engagement ring?

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