Gloria Steinem: Lay Off Miley Cyrus

  • Here’s the (predictably) smart thing iconic feminist Gloria Steinem had to say about Miley Cyrus: ” I wish we didn’t have to be nude to be noticed. But given the game as it exists, women make decisions. For instance, the Miss America contest is in all of its states, forms … the single greatest source of scholarship money for women in the United States. If a contest based only on appearance was the single greatest source of scholarship money for men, we would be saying, ‘This is why China wins.’ You know? It’s ridiculous. But that’s the way the culture is. I think that we need to change the culture, not blame the people that are playing the only game that exists.” [Yahoo]

  • California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law to integrate LGBTQ education into training for eldercare employees. [LGBTQ Nation]
  • An undercover investigation found 18 imams who agreed to perform child marriages in the UK, despite it being illegal. []
  • Glamour magazine has named Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teen who was shot by the Taliban for her advocacy on behalf of girls’ education, as one of their 12 Women of the Year. [Jezebel]
  • This week Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Here are the Nobel’s other literary trailblazers! [For Books Sake]
  • GLAAD’s rankings are out: here are the best and worst networks for LGBTQ inclusion on TV this year. [Advocate]
  • Wall Street might be more open to women than the comic book community. [The Atlantic Wire]
  • On Olivia Pope from “Scandal” and the “Negro bed wench” trope. [Ebony]
  • The U.S. Olympic Committee has added sexual orientation to its non-discrimination policy. This addition is being seen as a move to distance the organization itself from Russia, which is hosting the 2014 Olympics despite a law criminalizing homosexuality. [LGBTQ Nation]
  • Here is tech’s gender problem, illustrated in one chart. [Valleywag]
  • The ladies of “American Horror Story” are TV’s most likeable/unlikeable women. [IndieWire]
  • A queer woman’s defense of Miley Cyrus. [After Ellen]
  • Saudi Arabia has licensed four women to practice law — the first ever in the country. []

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