Halloween Inspiration Board: The Women Of “Orange Is The New Black”

A little over a week ago, I asked you to vote on which pop culture-inspired Halloween costumes you most wanted me to recreate, and the cast of “Orange is the New Black” won handily. Now, the basics of this costume are simple and easy to find — the standard orange or tan “jumpsuit” is actually basically just scrub separates, which you can purchase online. Add a pair of plain blue Keds and a name tag and you’ll handily pass for a lady in the clink. It’s up to you which accessories you want to add to be a specific character. Going as Piper, as seen above? Just add a screwdriver! Alex? Black rimmed glasses, fake arm tattoos, and extremely thin and arched brows. And for Crazy Eyes? Little hair twists and a crazy-eyed expression, natch. (Memorize that monologue from Shakespeare’s Coriolanus and call every blonde woman you see “Dandylion” for extra authenticity.) You get the picture. Get the details on where to buy the basic of this costume after the jump — and add suggested accessories for each of the specific characters in the comments!

Orange Scrubs (bottom): $15.98, All Heart
Orange Scrubs (top): $14.98, All Heart
Keds: $35, Keds, Shoe Buy