15 Groupon Deals I Would Actually Use

I used to love Groupon, but lately the offers showing up in my inbox are getting more and more tragic. Five dollars for $15 worth of tempura at the sushi buffet a few suburbs over? No thanks. Half-priced Botox at a “salon” in a converted warehouse? I’ll pass. But all these epic Groupon fails did get me thinking about the kinds of Groupons I would actually be eager to use. Most of them are of the fantasy variety, but hey, a girl can dream. Here are 15 imaginary Groupon deals I would redeem in a hot minute:

1. $30 for $3000 worth of unexpected car repairs.

2. 10 minutes of light exertion for the benefits of an hour of intense exercise.

3. Half off the amount of time I spend on hold with the cable company.

4. 70% off the usual number of guilt-trippy phone calls I get from family members in any given week.

5. Buy one classic novel, get the motivation to actually read it free!

6. 90% discount on wine and dark chocolate (redeemable when I’m on my period).

7. Two-for-one orgasms (redeemable anytime).

8. $100 for $1000 worth of student loan payments.

9. 67% extra restraint when I’m about to say something awkward to someone I just met at a party.

10. 10 extra chores done in the time it takes to do 1.

11. 30 french fries for the calories of 1 carrot stick.

12. 80% off the size of a prominent zit.

13. Two-for-one compliments on days I’m feeling iffy about my outfit.

14. 75% off my rent.

15. 10 free heartfelt postcards for every 1 piece of junk mail.

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