About That Time Coolio Cooked For A Bunch Of College Students And Then Did An Acoustic Rendition Of “Gangsta’s Paradise”

At a recent gig in Preston, UK, rapper and gourmet chef Coolio met Olivia Johnson-Aley and her friends and offered to cook them dinner at their house one night. Coolio is generous and hospitable like that. So, come over he did and what happened was magical. Explained one of Aley’s friends on Reddit: “We had Coolio’s Caprese Salad, Chicken á la Daaaamn, and Peach Crumble. We also videoed a cooking show (‘Cookin’ with Coolio’). It was just as weird as it sounds.” Oh yeah, and as the delicious meal settled in their stomachs, they all sat around for an acoustic sing-a-long to Coolio’s classic hit, “Gangsta’s Paradise.” Best dinner party EVER. [HyperVocal]

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