Meet The Lady With 50 Pet Skunks

Didn’t you hear? Skunk ladies are the new cat ladies! Meet Deborah Cipriani of North Ridgeville, Ohio, who owns the only rescue center for skunks in the United States out of her home. Cipriani got into skunks after the death of her mother in 2000, when her partner gifted her first Pepe Le Peuw. “I feel that I was chosen to help the skunks and I will keep doing this and I will own skunks until I die,” she told the UK’s Daily Mail.

Now 50 — yes, 50 — rescue skunks living in her suburban abode, called Skunk Haven, as pets. “They’ve all got different personalities. Some are nice, some are not. Some want to sleep on the bed, some don’t,” Cipriani continued. “But, no matter what the issue is, we treat them all like family.” And her family lives the posh life, enjoying rides in a baby carriage, dozens of litter boxes strewn about the house, and event called Skunk Fest where they compete in a skunk beauty pageant.  Cipriani also credits the care and feeding of her 50 skunks keeping her limber and energetic.

I do think it smells funny (pun intended) that she never mentions how she handles the skunk stink, but, hey, she seems pretty happy. You do you, Deborah Cipriani … maybe just have Thanksgiving someplace else next year.

[Daily Mail UK]


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[Image via Daily Mail UK]