Halloween Inspiration Board: The Girl Bank Robbers In “Spring Breakers”

I have seen “Spring Breakers,” let’s see … three times now? Or is it four? It is probably my favorite movie of the last, oh, six months. Should the warm weather continue and I actually deign to actually leave my house for once and dress up for Halloween, I will be baring skin as one of Alien’s little chickies. To really take this costume up a notch, shout “get on your knees, bitch!” in everyone’s face and find willing participants to deep throat your plastic squirt gun. Oh yeah, and memorize all the lyrics to Britney Spears’ “Everytime.” So necessary. Deets for how to get this bad ass costume, after the jump!

Bright Hoodie: $15, Forever 21
Bright Bikini Top: $5.25, Target
Bright Denim Shorts: $15.80, Forever 21
Pink Ski Mask: $10.99, Buckle City
Unicorn Patch: $2.05, $2.05
Squirt Gun: $5.95, Amazon