This May Be The Weirdest Craigslist Missed Connections Ad Ever

Waffle & Wolf is a waffle shack in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that serves all manner of amazing waffles, both savory and sweet. Apparently, Waffle & Wolf is also where a reddish-haired man works that reminds this Craigslist poster of her deceased father. At first, the ad reads like a woman searching for a potentially long-lost family member — could the ginger waffle maker be her half-brother?! But no. She indicates that despite the resemblance, the chances of them being related are slim — but couldn’t they pretend for the sake of her incest-fantasy? Yes, this Craigslist post (which has since been deleted) quickly goes from sweet to sexual and also really kind of sad.

i don’t want to have sex with my family, but i like role-playing this fantasy. my boyfriend is not ok with it. i’m not 100% comfortable with it either, and i dont know why it gets me off like it does. i want to meet you and maybe have a non sexual encounter where you speak to me as my father and we can resolve my grief. if you are up for a sexual encounter, we can try that out too.

Aja Romano at The Daily Dot actually called up Waffle & Wolf and confirmed with the employee who answered the phone that a man who fits the description in the Craigslist ad does¬†actually work there, but he wasn’t working that day. “I started reading him the Craigslist post, but he quickly hung up,” Romano wrote. “No one answered the phone after that.” Something tells me this woman is going to have to resolve her daddy issues elsewhere. [The Daily Dot]