Chris Brown Is A Douche, But What Happend To Him Was Still Rape

  • Last week, Chris Brown told the UK’s Guardian he “had sex” at age eight with an older girl who was 14 or 15. Here’s Mychal Denzel Smith saying everything that needs to be said about how what happened to Brown was sexual abuse, not just “losing his virginity really young.” No matter how odious Chris Brown might be, it’s disturbing that he was a victim of sexual trauma — and that it’s not a bigger deal in the media because a female victimized him. [Feministing]
  • How Catholic bishops pushed for a shutdown — and even a default — over birth control. [RH Reality Check]
  • Facebook says a page about murdering a feminist isn’t harassment. [SkepChick]
  • A nationally recognized maternity care center in the Bronx has been shut down. [WomensENews]
  • Computer programming used to be women’s work. [Smithsonian Mag]
  • This woman is demanding better representation for Black girl nerds in geek culture. [xoJane]
  • How can we help teenaged girls who are obsessed with their weight and the “thigh gap” between their legs? [WBUR]
  • This “Modern Love” essay about a feminist in the kitchen has everybody blowing up on Twitter. [New York Times]
  • Nine strategies for non-oppressive polyamory. [Black Girl Dangerous]
  • Women’s health advocates say it’s time to rediscover the IUD. [NPR]
  • Trans-bi author Julia Serano (Whipping Girl, etc.) is tired of being told her gender is just a performance. [Advocate]
  • How to be a good ally to fat people who appear to have lost weight. [Queer Fat Femme]
  • Dr. Ruth Benerito, the chemist who invented wrinkle-free cotton, has died at age 97. []

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