Apparently It Is Possible To Have “Slutty Eyebrows”

Internet comments always find new, creative ways to be nasty — even if it means insulting your “slutty eyebrows.” Emily Schuman, the blogger behind Cupcakes and Cashmere, shared with Into The Gloss one of the rudest insults she has gotten about her appearance:

“One of the first mean comments I got on my site — you always remember your first — was someone who said I had ‘slutty eyebrows.’ I cried and called my friends saying, ‘I had no idea my eyebrows were slutty!'”

Wait, what? I had no idea eyebrows could be slutty. They’re … eyebrows. Are slutty eyebrows too thin?  Too hairy?  Have they pissed off the Republicans somehow?

Schuman admitted she had tweezed her brows into “confused little sperm” and has since tamed her “slutty” eyebrows by purchasing a Laura Mercier eyebrow pencil. This actually makes me kind of sad. The beauty industry is designed to prey upon women’s insecurities about their bodies exactly like this. Whoever shamed this beauty blogger for her whorish eyebrows successfully lined the pockets of Laura Mercier by doing so.

Anyway, I thought the saying “Don’t let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you shit about life” was just an “Inspiration” pin going around Pinterest. I guess some people take this piece of advice rather literally.

[Into The Gloss via Racked]

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[Image via Into The Gloss]