13 Signs Your Dog Really Loves You (As Demonstrated By My Dog Lucca)

Last night, I was feeling weirdly insecure. Not about the way I look. Not about my job performance. Not about a stupid boy. No, I was feeling insecure about my dog Lucca and whether or not she truly loves me. I like to think Lucca channels her thoughts through me for me to speak aloud and those thoughts are usually pretty supportive and worshipful. But what if I’m wrong? What if I’m totally misinterpreting what Lucca is actually saying to me through her thoughts? What if she … finds me deeply annoying? So I Googled it. Specifically “signs your dog loves you.” And I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Turns out, Lucca’s actions and body language speak volumes — she thinks I AM A GOD. Click onward to learn just some of the signs your dog loves you, as presented by Lucca herself!

1. She follows you everywhere you go.

2. She yawns when you yawn, out of empathy.

3. Her tail wags like crazy, especially to her right.

4. She’s happy to roll over and let you touch her belly.

5. She’s always right by your side.

6. She’s always super psyched to play with you.

7. She’s really eager to show off her cool tricks in front of you.

8. She goes to great lengths to get your attention.

9. She doles out puppy kisses on the regular.

10. She loves sleeping next to you, when she’s at her most vulnerable.

11. She is friggin’ over the moon when you get home from vacation.

12. She’s basically always staring at you, like a totally cute creep.

13. She absolutely loves to cuddle the shit out of you.