This Deep-Fried Macaroni & Cheese Burger Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Food

There are some moments that grab you by the lapels and shake you out of routine, serving as a reminder that life is beautiful and worth living. Weddings, new babies, graduations … this deep-fried macaroni and cheese burger. Reminiscent of the trendy ramen burger but even more deliciously gluttonous, the Mac Attack Burger is topped with two deep-fried discs of macaroni and cheese and topped off with Sriracha ketchup. The beef itself is practically a supporting player to all the melted cheesy goodness. This beautiful slice of Americana was created by chef Amanda Downing of the Chicago restaurant Rockit Burger. It’s only available until October 6, so if you live in Chicago, get over there and stuff your face in honor of the rest of us who are less fortunate. [People]