This 911 Operator Is Such A Jerk

We’ve all had moments in life when we’ve found ourselves laughing at the most inappropriate times. Like, in the middle of an argument or upon seeing someone’s penis for the first time. (I still regret that.) But it shouldn’t be too hard to keep a straight face in the middle of a life-threatening emergency. When Arizona man Lalo Delgado was in a serious accident, he called 911 to report that both his car and his girlfriend were on fire. The operator’s response? Oh, she giggled. Because possible death is really hilarious. Seriously, WTF?

After an investigation, the sheriff’s department determined that her conduct was totally inappropriate and that she “had a momentary lapse in professionalism and decorum without question.” Ya think? Still, they didn’t fire her.

As for Delgado’s girlfriend, it took four hours to get her airlifted to the nearest hospital. As a result, she suffered second and third-degree burns over 40 percent of her body. Delgado believes this is because the 911 dispatcher was too busy laughing. The sheriff’s department claims that the real reason was because they were in a remote, hard-to-get-to area.

What do you think? Should this asshole 911 operator be allowed to keep her job? [Huffington Post]