Stevie Nicks Writes “Game Of Thrones” Poetry, Might Have Dated Prince

In a recent interview with Scotland’s The Herald, my all-around life idol, Stevie Nicks, revealed many heretofore unknown tidbits about herself that, of course, made me worship her even more. Spoiler alert: She might have kind of, sort of dated Prince for a minute AND she has written a bunch of “Game of Thrones”-themed poetry, although she has yet to share it with the public. Coming soon, Knowing Nothing, Knowing Everything, a poem inspired by Jon Snow by Stevie Nicks. We can only hope. After the jump, the best of what she had to say, for you other rabid Stevie fangirls and boys out there.

On being one of the first female rock icons:

“We were feminists, and we fought for the feminist movement. And I see that starting to be lost a little bit now. I see women being more willing to be put in their place today. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, what it is. But I see something changing, and I see girls being not quite as willing to take a stand. And not willing to be really brave and maybe risk something. And that makes me feel bad because, boy, my generation of women, we were an army. And we were not going to be second-class citizens in any way. And I see that ebbing now. And I don’t know why.”

On her relationship with Prince:

“I wanted to work with Prince. And I was smart enough to know that if you start having a relationship with somebody, you’re never gonna work with them. The romantic thing’s gonna take over. And Prince is such a strange and beautiful guy. He wanted to be my friend; I don’t know if he wanted any more than that. I don’t know what he wanted. But I know that he wanted to hang out. But we lived in two different worlds. That’s when I was totally a drug addict and Prince is the other side of drug addict – Prince is straight as an arrow. He would bring me cough medicine when I was sick and then I’d ask for another spoon of it, and he’d go, ‘I didn’t come here to start you on a new drug!’ So I realized that that was not gonna work out. We’re two really famous rock’n’roll stars, and I’m a drug addict, and he’s not, so these paths are not gonna meet ever well. So if we wanna stay friends… And we are friends, not that I talk to him very often. But if I needed Prince I’m sure he would come and help me.”

On watching “Game Of Thrones” to help cope with the death of her mother: 

“With my pneumonia and my mother’s death I watched the entire first season of ‘Game Of Thrones’ – so that was great! That certainly took my mind off everything…The author [George RR Martin] is my age and it blows my mind that he’s able to create this vast, interlinked world. As a songwriter I write little movies. But I can’t imagine sitting down and writing even one small book. But then probably somebody like him couldn’t imagine writing ‘Edge Of Seventeen’ or ‘Rhiannon’ – couldn’t write a whole little life in two verses and a chorus. And of course I would love to write some music for ‘Game Of Thrones.’ I’ve written a bunch of poetry about it – one for each of the characters. On Jon Snow… On Arya… On Cersei and Jaime.”

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