A Touching Letter From The Mother Of Down Syndrome Wet Seal Model Karrie Brown

Karrie Brown, the Wet Seal model with Down syndrome, was featured as our Kickass Woman of the Day a couple weeks ago. Now it’s time to make room for another kickass woman: Karrie’s mom. Sue Brown of Illinois penned an article on the experience for xoJane, in which she details not only how her 17-year-old daughter’s modeling opportunity came about, but most importantly, and most poignantly, how she raised Karrie to know that one must never place limits on themselves. Upon receiving the prenatal diagnosis that her baby had Down syndrome, Sue’s own mother told her, “Your baby might have a disability, but she will only be disabled if you make her that way.” What follows is one of the most inspirational stories we’ve ever seen, made all the better by Sue’s, and Karrie’s, phenomenal attitude. [via xoJane]