8 Other Things We’d Like Wendy Davis To Be In Charge Of (In Addition To Texas)

Wooohoooo! Texas state senator/filibustering superstar/feminist icon Wendy Davis officially announced that she is running for governor of the Lone Star State yesterday. We’re so thrilled for Texas to potentially have a leader as awesome as Wendy, but to be honest, we’re also a little jealous. We want Wendy Davis to be in charge of our states too! Not to mention a few other things, such as…

1. Congress. Not only would she be able to find a solution to this ridiculous government shutdown, surely Wendy could lead us into a new era of peace, prosperity, and free puppies.

2. Miley Cyrus’ career choices. If anyone can get through to Miley and gently guide her toward a little more humility and a little less Terry Richardson, it’s Wendy.

3. Responding to every single condescending mansplainer ever. One of our favorite parts of Wendy’s filibuster was the way she was able to confidently, respectfully, brilliantly respond to all of her male colleagues who tried to mansplain her into shutting up or giving up. Maybe she could start a Mansplaining Urgent Response service where we call her whenever we find ourselves in a mansplaining situation and she comes and shuts that shit down.

4. The DMV. Someone needs to whip this painfully dysfunctional government agency into shape. Under Wendy’s leadership, DMV employees would be happy, transactions would be smooth, and every customer who had to stand in line would be provided with a comfortable pair of running shoes.

5. Running shoe testing. Speaking of running shoes, Wendy has some very notable experience testing the comfort and durability of athletic footwear. Might as well put her in charge of the whole operation.

6. Our OKCupid accounts. Something tells us Wendy would be able to deftly sort through our suitors and point us in the direction of romantic success.

7. Public speaking classes. Anyone who has tried to speak off the cuff for a few minutes knows it’s very challenging. Having a teacher who’s done it for 13 hours while being watched live by hundreds of thousands of people around the world would probably be very helpful.

8. The “Friday Night Lights” movie. We know the script for a big-screen adaptation of the beloved TV show is finished (thanks to a tipoff from Connie Britton!). Who better than a real life Tami Taylor to oversee the production and ensure the film realizes its full potential? Also, can we please get a scene with Wendy and Connie in the same frame? Our fangirl hearts would explode with joy!