The Men Of Hollywood Are Waxing Their Hip Flexors And Tattooing Their Receding Hairlines To Stay Beautiful

According to manscaper to the stars, Luis Payne, the “hairless, bumpy chicken skin look that overtook the industry for a while” is out. In, is waxing the famous, male body to create the illusion of muscular contour. Payne shared his super secret manscaping tips with The Hollywood Reporter:

“Removing hair from hip flexors helps make one’s body look narrower, while leaving a fuller ‘happy trail’ gives the appearance of abs…Don’t let chest hair creep up into your beard — it helps you look slimmer. But leave a little on the chest, especially if you lack pectoral definition — that gives the illusion of having a fuller chest …Having tightly groomed body hair allows the audience to see the definition that has been built in various parts of the torso, like on Ryan Gosling.”

Don’t get all upset, he means that everyone wants to get their hip flexors waxed to look like Ryan Gosling, not that the Gos does it himself. Or maybe he does!?

Hold on though, before we try to make sense of hip waxing and chest beards, there are more baffling beauty treatments that are en trende for leading men. In yet another THR piece about how  A-listers are fighting baldness, I learned of a “low-tech solution [that] is growing in popularity among those seeking to embrace baldness, fill in thinning hair or camouflage a scar” called scalp micropigmentation. It’s basically a permanent cosmetic tattoo that mimics hair. Jae Pak, of Los Angeles’ New Hair Institute explains that technicians “artfully create tiny tattooed dots all over the scalp to give the appearance of stubble or a cropped buzz cut” like Vin Diesel or Jamie Foxx.

Having worked at TheFrisky for a while now, I thought I knew a fair amount about obscure waxing and beauty treatments for both men and women (I mean…George Clooney gets his balls ironed!), but clearly, I know nothing. The men of Hollywood are going through more than I would have expected to stay beautiful. I wish I could feel bad for them. Sigh. I just can’t seem to find it in my soul. [The Hollywood Reporter]