Kaitlyn Hunt, Florida Teen Who Dated Younger Student, Enters Plea Deal For 4 Months In Jail

Kaitlyn Hunt, a lesbian teen in Florida who was charged with having sexual relations with a minor after her younger girlfriend’s parents objected to their consensual relationship, has entered a plea deal which will require jail time for four months. Hunt, who dated her 14-year-old girlfriend while she was 18, will also have two years of house arrest with electronic monitoring and nine months of monitored probation.

Kaitlyn Hunt, now 19, met her younger girlfriend, whose name is being kept private, through their high school basketball team at age 17. The pair began dating after Hunt turned 18 and the younger girl was only 14. (Under Florida law, people under age 16 can’t consent to sex.) When the girl’s parents learned of their relationship, they got Hunt kicked off the basketball team and successfully petitioned to have Hunt expelled from school, in addition to pressing charges of lewd and lascivious battery.

Hunt’s case has been extremely divisive. Statutory rape laws are intended to keep creepy older people from preying on teenagers, not from keeping teenaged schoolmates apart. In this case, I truly believe Hunt was targeted because she’s a lesbian, not because of her age. Her mother, who has staunchly defended her daughter, confirmed the younger girl’s parents are just upset about the homosexuality and that they truly believe Kaitlyn Hunt “turned” their daughter gay.

Her girlfriend’s parents still claim this case was about “age-appropriate relationships.” Uh huh.

So let me get this straight: George Zimmerman murders an unarmed teenager and doesn’t spend a lick of time in prison.  A teenager having a consensual relationship is going to go to jail for four months. Florida, I just don’t understand you.

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