Fox Picks Up John Mulaney Sitcom: Get To Know The Comedian And “Saturday Night Live” Writer

I like to think that Louis C.K. set the scene for other stand-up comedians to take over our televisions, one sitcom at a time: his uniquely-formatted single-camera show, “Louie,” is one of the best, most interesting things in entertainment right now, and is as ground-breaking today as it was when it first aired in 2010. But on the more traditional end, stand-up comedian and “SNL” writer John Mulaney’s eponymous series, “Mulaney,” has just been picked up for a full series run by Fox after being developed — and then dropped by — NBC. Said Fox entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly of the venture, “John is one of the sharpest and most skilled next-generation comedic voices out there, who also happens to be surrounded by the best of the best on this new show.”

The comedy, which will be executive-produced by “SNL” creator Lorne Michaels (this bodes well!) and directed and written by Mulaney himself, stars his character as an “aspiring comedian who comes of age under the influence of his boss (Martin Short), his roommates, and his neighbors.” This news is exciting for a few reasons — firstly, John Mulaney is HILARIOUS. He’s also young (31) and adorable, which will make him a welcome addition to any TV lineup. But I’ll stop objectifying him for a second and move on to the more important things. Read on for more on John Mulaney, and check out some clips from his stand-up and interviews …

Mulaney grew up in Chicago and began performing with a children’s sketch group at age seven. He studied English literature at Georgetown University with Nick Kroll, who later became his writing partner on the “Oh, Hello Show.” (And funny runs in the family — his younger sister, Claire, was just added to the writing staff of “SNL”‘s 39th season.)

Mulaney now resides in the West Village of New York City, with his girlcrush-worthy fiancée Annamarie Tendler, a makeup artist, writer, and cat enthusiast. He says of their engagement, “I just met someone I would never get tired of hanging out with. I was just immediately: ‘I can hang out with this person every day.’ And then when you test that after a couple years, you say: ‘Ya, I’m not going to change that much.'”

His most popular routine is this insanely funny impression of Ice-T’s performance on “Law & Order: SVU.”

Mulaney and Bill Hader were duly responsible for the creation and writing of beloved “SNL” character Stefon. Mulaney said that the fact that he and Hader continued to be excited about the character, who “really, really made [them] laugh,” kept Stefon fresh throughout his many, many appearances. The duo based Stefon on two real people they know — a man Bill would buy coffee from, who had Stefon’s mannerisms, and a guy that John knew who was always trying to start “club nights” that “had everything,” with bizarre details of what was going to be in them.

In his Comedy Central special, “John Mulaney: New in Town,” Mulaney talks about overcoming a drinking problem by age 23, in which he regales several drinking stories he “heard about [him]self.”

He’s a terrible driver.

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