Debate This: You Can Filter Matches By Body Type On OKCupid — But Is That Such A Bad Thing?

In a move that is sure to cause ripples in some dark corner of the Internet hive mind, the A-list subscription service on OK Cupid includes a robust search function that lets you sort by body type and attractiveness rating. To those of you prepping your pitchforks and strapping on your combat boots to storm the castle, hold off. I know what this sounds like, but trust me, it’s not necessarily as bad as it seems.

This feature has been available for months, and it’s only now gained traction, but it’s just a recognition of the way human minds work. There is nothing worse than being on a date with someone who is clearly not interested in you, whether you are fat or thin or covered in scales. Life is short! If you find yourself sitting across the table from someone that’s too short or too tall or bald or you’re just simply not attracted to them, that’s just a free beer and a waste of time. Imagine the new heights of success your dating life could reach if you were able to sort out by what you knew you weren’t attracted to! Imagine not feel weirdly obligated to at least mouth kiss some dude that bought you a lot of drinks, despite the fact you’re not attracted to him.

That being said, what if you filter out someone who could be your soulmate, simply because he deemed his body “average” instead of “jacked”? Use this search functionality with caution. And know that it goes both ways: you’re likely being filtered out of people’s matches based on your body type too. Rejection stings, no matter what the reasoning. Still, wouldn’t it be amazing to take steps towards eliminating that sting by, you know, sorting through what you want and then trying to find exactly that?

Is this reprehensible, or the natural next step? Let us know in the comments! [Mashable]