The Curious Case Of The Man Who Wants To Be Eaten, Then Pooped Out, By A “Large, Dominant Woman”

A new paper published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior profiled “Stephen,” a 45-year-old “socially anxious but pleasant and cooperative” man who voluntarily checked himself into a psych ward complaining of his intense desire to be “consumed by a large, dominant woman and then defecated by her.” Stephen also admitted to fantasizing about “being feces or semen and being expelled by a person.” Strangely, Stephan’s main reason for seeking professional help was the fear that he was gay.

I gather you’re still trying to process all of this. You’re not alone. The staff at the sexual behavior clinic, who deal with unusual fetishes regularly, had no idea how to respond to Stephen’s vorarephilia. Although his attending psychologist dug down until he admitted that his urges stemmed out of “a desire to never again be alone or lonely,” the staff was unable to offer him clear cut treatment.  They reassured him that based on several tests, he was not gay and they recommended therapy to “help him adjust to, rather than change or suppress, his sexual interests.”  What does that look like exactly? The paper used the example of the “Turkey Man,” “a traveling businessman who regularly hired a dominatrix to meet him in his hotel room to ‘cook’ him in a cardboard “oven.”

Presumably, knowing that was the best he had to look forward to, Stephen left the clinic and never returned. One can only hope that he’s not laying on the side of the road somewhere, in the form of poop. [National Post]

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