Style 911: “What Do I Wear With My New Knee-High Biker Boots?”

I just got these gorgeous boots in grey as a gift.  I’m very much a sneakers girl, so I have no idea how to wear them.  Can you help with some outfit ideas? – Jen

Well, first of all, bless the person who gave these to you because they are so freaking cool. I’m salivating. As for how to wear them? Girl, the good news is, you can wear them with a lot. Given that you described yourself as a sneakers girl, I’m guessing your typical style is casual, and perhaps a bit sporty or hip.To show you just how versatile these boots are, I put together three fall outfits that I hope are right up your alley! Click on to check them out…

Style 911:

Add a bit of femininity to these tough biker boots with a floaty dress, and then cozy it up with a thick belted cardigan and cranberry colored tights.

Cardigan: $88, BB Dakota, Shopbop
Dress: $69.95, Free People
Tights: $24.50, J. Crew

Style 911:

Skinny jeans, a comfy oversized sweater and graphic infinity scarf? Yes please!

Skinny Jeans: $59, Jessica Simpson, Nordstrom
Scarf: $44.50, Madewell
Sweater Tunic: $59.07, ASOS

Style 911:

Fleece-lined leggings will keep you warm and are extra flattering, and your boots will slip over them easily. Layer  with a chambray tunic, knit knee-socks and that same scarf as before and you’ve got your new weekend uniform.

Fleece-Lined Leggings: $80, Plush, Shopbop
Chambray Shirt: $88, Chelsea & Violet, Dillard’s
Knee Socks: $14.99, ModCloth