“Chipmunk Cheeks” Are The New Way To Look Young

Remember in middle school when you thought you had “chipmunk cheeks” and hated yourself for it? Well, your face was prime real estate! Celebrities are paying upwards of $1,000 a pop for cherubic contours like yours. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, “baby face” becomes your personal fountain of youth when you start to get older and ladies are clamoring for it left and right. Women with naturally round cheeks have a leg up over thin-faced women when they want to begin attempting to “defy the aging process.” (Except you’re still aging on the inside, hun. Nobody’s defying anything.)

Filling in smile lines used to be the go-to in the chase for youth, but some women are complaining their face looks older when it’s “thin.”  It seems that there’s this thing called the Triangle of Youth, in which young people’s cheeks are the widest part of their faces. (Apparently that fact needed its own special terminology?) As we get older, our face-triangle deflates, our natural baby-faced cheeks lose definition and turn us into sad sacks who are supposed to spend our days crying for our lost youth. At least, that’s what the doctors say – sort of. Doctors also say that cheeks are a part of the face with “relatively little movement,” so cheek fillers can last up to a year before you need another appointment. It also boosts your collagen production, so your body can start to grow its own cheek fat. What a step for womankind!

I don’t know about you, but the thought of a needle in my cheek gives me the skeeves. “Thin-faced” ladies of the world, keep doing you.