15 Reasons Why Baby Animal Photos Are Better Than Real Babies

The photos released of a gaggle of painfully adorable baby pandas in China this week has left me a little more obsessed than usual with all things baby and furry. In photo form, baby animals are pretty much the best thing in the world — all that cuteness with no caretaking required. I love real babies and all, but I’d choose pictures of puppies and tiger cubs instead any day of the week. So, inspired by Jessica’s post this week about how Internet-famous cats are much better than real life cats, are 14 reasons why baby animal photos are better than real babies. 

1. They’re fuzzy. If human babies looked fuzzy, it would just be concerning.

2. Sometimes baby animals pose with their moms. And baby animals’ moms are just as cute as the babies are.

3. Real babies aren’t friends with adorable baby monkeys.

4. Animal babies don’t wake us up crying in the middle of the night.

5. They’re endearingly clumsy without us having to worry about them bumping their head on the coffee table.

6. No diapers. Ever.

7. They’re readily available in digital photo and/or GIF form to be shared with millions of friends with just a click.

8. They’re so smiley.

9. You don’t have to feed them. And they won’t barf on your shoulder.

10. Those FACES.

11. They’re cute in big numbers … whereas Kate Gosselin just worries us.

12. They won’t do THIS.

13. It’s not annoying when their parents dress them all matchy-matchy.

14. You might be able to adopt them!

15. Who couldn’t love those puppy eyes?

Yup.  It’s decided.