Former Classmate Arrested For Attempting To Leak Nude Pics Of Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf

The person behind Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf’s “sextortion” plot has finally been caught. Yesterday, 19-year-old Jared James Abrahams of Temecula, California, was arrested and charged with extortion and cyber crimes for hacking into Wolf’s personal computer and taking naked photos of her through her webcam, which he used to try and blackmail her. The weird part is that he was Wolf’s former high school classmate although she claims the two were never friends.

“I’m glad they were able to find who the person is, but on the other hand, it was somebody that I went to high school with. He was young, my age, and I just think it’s sad that he chose to do this and has now kind of put himself in this big dilemma,” Wolf said on “The Today Show.” “I don’t think he realizes the consequences and the people that he hurt. He terrorized me and many girls for so long, and I just think that now it’s coming to real life for me as well that this person did this to me.”

The FBI claim that Abrahams, who is currently a computer science major, had multiple victims in the state of California, throughout the United States, and even internationally. Some of them were as young as 16 years old. Abrahams is currently on house arrest and prohibited from using the internet. That sounds like a wise idea. [US Weekly]