Wife Comes Up With Really Creative Way To Shame Cheating Husband On Facebook

People have a variety of responses when they catch a spouse cheating. But Sonya Gore’s was by far the most creative. She had her unfaithful husband, Ivan Lewis, “prove his love” for her by posting a picture of himself holding a sign that says “I cheated on my wife!!! (and she was ugly!!!)” on Facebook. Gore has agreed to take her estranged husband back (they’ve allegedly been separated for the last two years because of Lewis’ previous infidelities) if her can get 10,000 Facebook likes. He’s currently at 5,457.

Lewis’ sister-in-law, Kimberly Gore, gives some very deep marital advice along with her thumbs up on the Facebook pic:

“Well Ivan I guess I will give this a like u and my sis have had ur ups and downs but everyday isn’t gonna be sunshine so make sure u covered by the storm and keep ur umbrella on stand by because there are rainy days yet to come u and sissy hang in there and keep them blockers on for the haterZ.”


Will you help Lewis’ cause by giving him a Facebook like? [Gawker]