So Sweet: Minnesota First Graders Have Sent “Get Well” Cards To Over 50,000 Strangers

Back in 1995, Minnesota first grade teacher Barb Bratvold asked her class to make “get well” cards for a guest speaker who had fallen ill. The students loved the project so much they asked to make more cards for people who needed cheering up, and the Evansville Elementary Kindness Club was born. Since its inception, the club has met twice a week to make colorful, personalized cards for over 50,000 people in their community. “The Kindness Club is a way to teach my kids that the world isn’t all about them, there are people who are hurting” Bratvold told People“Even though they’re only in first grade, this is a way they can make a difference.”

Kindness Club card recipients have included people dealing with serious illnesses or grieving the deaths of loved ones. Evansville resident Donna O’Malley received a large envelope full of handmade cards from the Kindness Club a week after her 23-year-old son died last winter. “It touched my heart that these young kids took the time to think about me and my son,” she says. “I still have the cards on display in my sun room. I’ll treasure them forever.” Six-year-old Kindness Club member Hallie Richter explains how she makes her cards extra special: “I like to write ‘I love you’ on all of my cards and decorate them with lots of stickers. I hope they help people to get better faster.” Faith in humanity restored. [People]