Last Night On Twitter: Kanye West Got Really, Really Mad Jimmy Kimmel Over This Skit [UPDATED]

So, this week on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Jimmy made a little fun of a recent Kanye West interview the rapper did with BBC Radio One. After showing some of the clips from the interview, Kimmel had children act out the interview, you know, to illustrate how ridiculous Kanye sounds.

Kanye was not having it. He spent yesterday evening tweeting his distaste for Kimmel IN ALL CAPS.

As for Kimmel? He knows Kanye’s mad — and he swears it’s not a hoax:

And Kanye’s not letting up. This was his last tweet on the subject:

Your move, Kimmel. [via Gawker]

UPDATE: On last night’s show, Kimmel responded to Kanye’s rant with the following:

Something tells me Kanye is not going to take too kindly to Kimmel mentioning Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. Stay tuned!