Blogger Comes Up With Brilliant Response To “Sandwich Girlfriend”

Whether Stephanie Smith and her attempt to earn an engagement ring by making her boyfriend Eric 300 sandwiches and blogging about it annoyed you or not, you won’t be able to help but enjoy one woman’s reaction to the project. Freelance writer Stacy Brook, responded  Smith’s joke, which apparently went over our heads, with a spoof blog, Ordering 300 Sandwiches, described as her “attempt to win a man’s heart, while expending as little effort as possible.”

Already on sandwich #18 for “J,” her creations like “The Shitty Bacon, Egg and Cheese on a Roll,” (“Today I ordered J a scrambled egg and cheese with bacon on a roll from the local deli. The sandwich was delivered two hours late, and without the promised bacon. Upon this discovery, I looked at J and said, ‘You better get used to disappointment. You’re 299 sandwiches away from a lifetime’s worth.'”) and “Half a Bag of Milano Cookies” (“I bought them, J ate them, and if the Italians are calling them ‘sandwiches,’ as far as I’m concerned, they count.”) are much more within my culinary and romantic comfort zone.

Of the 300 Sandwiches blog, Brook made the following statement to Huffington Post:

“I am pretty non-traditional when it comes to romance, and I firmly believe in the importance of embracing other people’s quirks and strange demands, as long as they suit you. That said, ‘Make me 300 sandwiches’ is a ridiculous and totally arbitrary request — I don’t even know how the author of the blog was able to take it seriously. 300 sandwiches? Why not 3,000? Why not 3 million? I think the blog was a botched attempt to cutely interpret, what is on a base level, a pretty demeaning task.”

I couldn’t agree more. I’m off to attempt to recreate Brook’s recipe for “The Cure.” It’s orange juice and vodka between two slices of Aleve. YUM! [Huffington Post]