OMG Does Justin Timberlake Confess His Undying Love For Britney Spears In A “Hidden” Album Track?!

As a Scorpio, I’m loyal to a fault. That’s why, even though it’s been 11 years since they broke up and they both have significant others and probably nothing in common anymore, I am still praying for Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears to get back together. Sorry, Jessica Biel. Nothing personal. It’s just that, in 2000, when I doodled “Britney N Justin 4 Eva” in my notebook instead of paying attention in Lit Theory 101, I meant it. FOREVER. And maybe Justin did too, if a far-reaching analysis of a hidden track on the second part of The 20/20 Experience is to be believed.

Bryan Carstensen, over at the radio station 92.3 NOW, writes on the station’s blog that five minutes and 23 seconds into the final track on the album, “Not A Bad Thing,” Justin breaks out the acoustic guitar and croons:

“And if I had a pair of wings/I’d pick you and fly you far away from here/And we’d fly so high up in the sky/Where the stars are so clear/And then I could save you/From the troubles of the world/And all you’d have to pack is your heart to bring/And there we are, you and me/Flying on a big ol’ pair of wings.”

How moving! But what does this have to do with Britney? Carstensen points out the parallels between Justin’s lyrics and Britney’s lyrics on her song “Everytime”:

“Everytime I try to fly/I fall without my wings/I feel so small/I guess I need you baby/And everytime I see you in my dreams/I see your face, it’s haunting me/I guess I need you baby.”

Ergo, Justin’s song is obviously a response to Britney’s and is about him wanting to, like, steal her away from her troubles so they can fly off together. Clever of Justin to hide this message of love and devotion in a hidden track on his album, where his wife surely would never find it.

Sarcasm aside, while there are certainly similarities between the two songs’ lyrics, I’m pretty sure that’s only because every pop star has a song about having wings — or wanting to have wings or having broken wings — at some point in their career. This just happens to be Justin’s. Oh well.

But still. Britney N Justin 4 Eva. [92.3 NOW]