Is That A Nose On Your Forehead Or Are You Just Happy To Smell Me?

I shouldn’t flatter myself. That is, in fact, a nose growing out of the gentleman’s forehead. The 22-year-old Chinese man who goes by the name ”Xiaolian,” suffered a severe nasal trauma in a serious car accident. To make a long story short, he needed surgery, but couldn’t afford it. So, doctors decided to grow a new nose on his forehead by cutting skin tissue into the shape of a sniffer and sculpting it out of cartilage from his ribs. His forehead nose has been gestating for the last nine months and finally, his doctors are ready to birth it, if you will, and reattach it to his face. In the anatomically correct position, of course. “We have gone through the hardest step and now it is not difficult to carry out transplant surgery,” said Xiaolian’s plastic surgeon. Here’s hope that his nose transplant goes swimmingly. If Xiaolian is looking for love, he might find a kindred spirit in the 22-year-old woman who had a nipple on her foot. [Gawker]