10 Reasons Internet-Famous Cats Are Better Than Real Cats — In GIFs!

It’s a daily habit that has turned into a daily ritual: I settle onto the train with my coffee, pull my iPhone from out of my purse, and click open my Instagram app to see what Pudge is up to. Pudge (above) isn’t a friend’s cat or a family member’s cat or even a cat I’ve met in real life. Pudge is an Internet-famous cat. She’s my favorite Internet-famous cat.

I love and always have loved cats — at one point, my parents had nine cats when I was growing up — and even I can admit that sometimes being a pet owner is a pain in the butt. With Pudge, I can look at cute pictures and videos in small doses when I feel like it … and then put my phone back in my purse and not have to deal with anyone clawing at the bedroom door while I’m trying to have sex.

After the jump, here are 10 reasons Internet-famous cats are better than real cats — in GIFs!

1. Cats on the Internet don’t stink up your apartment with their pee.

2. Or stare at you while you’re having sex. Creepily.

3. Or bat your nose with their paw you until you finally wake up and feed them.

4. You don’t have to feel as guilty if you really think an Internet cat with the fucked-up face just looks like it has a fucked-up face.

5. Or clean up its hairballs.

6. Or remove chunks of kitty litter from your bare feet.

7. Your friends with allergies can always come over.

8. And you don’t have to pick an Internet cat’s hair off all your clothes and furniture.

9. Internet-famous cat mortality is not an issue.  That’s someone else’s problem to deal with!

10. And Internet cats are always frozen in time doing something funny or cute. (Or hanging out with Anderson Cooper like it’s NBD.)

In short, Internet cats are pretty much the best!

Well … except for when their humans don’t post for a few days.

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