Trophy Wives Insist It’s Not Enough To Just Be Pretty Anymore

The “new” trophy wives of today aren’t just buxom and bouncy-haired, a helpful piece in the New York Post informs us. Women who serve as arm candy to their husbands are now expected to hold multiple degrees, publish books, and wax knowledgeably about the stock market.

Um, yay, feminism? Nope.

The Post spoke with several women married to rich doctors or financiers who are conventionally attractive — one is a former Playboy centerfold, another was a model for Elite —  but take being called “arm candy” or “trophy wife” as a compliment. Why? Because these ladies have other accomplishments. Several hold multiple degrees; one has written “25 New Age self-help books”; and another is an artist who also wrote a self-help guide. It’s about how catch your own investment banker hubby called How To Get A Rich Man: The Princess Formula. Yes, really. Trophy wives of today just have so much good advice to share, I guess.

Do these women want a cookie because they have jobs and educations? Because they conceal their tits under their clothes when they spend the weekend in the Hamptons with their husband’s boss (an actual story from the piece)? The rest of us are doing that anyway, dearies.  I understand that these woman are proud of their past/current careers, some of which have made them financially successful on their own merit. They have every right to be pursue their goals and dreams, of course. But there’s a bit of difference in the kudos that are deserved between a woman who has opportunities that come from wealth and access (example: that Pippa Middleton cookbook) versus a woman who has financial and career success because she’s a financial whiz, or a brain surgeon, or a top lawyer. There’s the bunny slope and the black diamonds, ladies. Acknowledge which one you’re actually on.

There’s a nugget of good news in this terrible Post article, at least: modern women are well-educated and generally expected bring more to the table in relationships nowadays than just their silicone tits and baby oven. Comparisons to Anna Nicole Smith are justifiably considered rude to these wives. But, sorry, there’s nothing laudable or feminist about viewing a woman as a “trophy,” period. Women are people, not trophies. That applies even to women with impressive accomplishments. I don’t want my fiancé to keep me at his side because of the university on my resume or the publications that I’ve been published in.  That’s not how I want to be valued by other people. I’m a human being, not someone’s bragging rights.

In any case, the demographic of women for whom this trophy wife lifestyle even applies — especially in this economy — is so minute almost to be offensive. It’s like the stay-at-home mother versus working mother “mommy wars” on crack. Something tells me these ladies would make great friends with the Thought Catalog writer who doesn’t want people to hate her because her parents are wealthy.

Notably, several of the husbands didn’t want their names printed in the article because they “shun publicity.” Or because they were smart enough to realize this article would be embarrassing.

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