Brace Yourself For A Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Sequel

We’re going to need something to watch while jacking off to a likeness of Farrah Abraham’s vagina. And honestly, we can only watch her backdoor sex tape so many times before getting bored. Vivid Entertainment CEO Steven Hirsch is allegedly frothing at the mouth for another Farrah Abraham porno. “We would love to work with Farrah again … The video continues to do exceptionally well! She really knows how to keep herself out there. The interest is there and we would love to do another tape,” he said. Yes, she very literally is keeping herself out there.

After the “leak” of her first sex tape, Farrah stated that she has no further plans to work in the adult industry because she wants to be a mother and open a restaurant or something:

“I’m not interested in doing [more] adult entertainment in any way, shape or form…I look forward to completing my Masters degree, focusing on being a great mother for my daughter as well as many other culinary business endeavors in my future.”

I suppose we can consider this statement is null and void now that she has announced her sex toy line. That means her porn sequel should be out any day now. Best case scenario: she will open a Farrah-themed sex restaurant. Loooonnnng siiiighhhhh. [The Hollywood Gossip]