A New California Law Will Allow Minors To Digitally Remove Online Activity

Let’s hope this will one day extend to apply retrospectively, too… A new piece of California legislature, signed off on by Governor Jerry Brown, has the potential to clear up a whole slew of problems for the minors of the future. The law, which will go into effect in 2015, will require Internet companies to remove online activity from their services if they are requested to do so by an underage person, seemingly with a click of a button. Because this is the sticky Internet we’re dealing with, there are naturally a few loopholes — the information will only be taken offline, not erased from servers entirely, and minors won’t be able to control content that has been posted or reposted by others. But it’s certainly a step in the right direction for an era of adolescents who are left and right producing the kind of photos, videos, and, ahem, online diaries that make us go, “Ooh, you’ll regret that one day.” Unfortunately, it’s a little too late for Miley Cyrus, but things are looking up for the next generation of youth to lack self-control! Which is all of them, of course. [The Verge via Refinery29]