This Lion, Tiger, And Bear (Oh My!) Are Best Friends Forever

Baloo the bear, Leo the lion, and Shere Kahn the tiger had a rough childhood. As cubs they lived with drug dealers who abused and neglected them, treating the wild animals like exotic playthings. The trio was rescued from their hellish upbringing 12 years ago, but when trainers at the Noah’s Ark animal sanctuary tried to separate them, they acted out. “I think that the ordeal they went through as youngsters really bonded them together,” a sanctuary spokesperson told ABC News. “That’s all that they had. They only had each other for comfort.” Trainers reluctantly let the animals share an enclosure, and for over a decade now the three best friends have lived together in interspecies peace, happiness, and harmony. Unfortunately Noah’s Ark has recently run into some trouble: due to a new fence height requirement, the Georgia sanctuary is going to have to double the height of the fence surrounding Baloo, Leo, and Shere Khan’s enclosure, and as a nonprofit they can’t afford to make the changes without some pretty massive fundraising efforts. Over $200,000(!) has already been donated, but they’re hoping to reach $500,000 to build the new fences and keep helping mistreated and abused exotic animals for many years to come. You can donate here if you feel so inclined! [ABC News]