You Can Take Orgasm Classes Online

There are always new things to learn, even after you have multiple degrees under your belt. It’s back-to-school-time and if you’re looking to build your skills and gain deeper knowledge on the topic of orgasms, that curriculum is now available. According to a promotional email I got, is offering a new six-week online video course teaching women how to go from a C to an A+ in the art of orgasming. It’s taught by Tantra practitioner Layla Martin, who hopes to “awaken the full sexual power of as many women as possible.” The Orgasm 101 course is described as follows:

This course gives woman simple, safe and fun exercises and techniques that work as much on women’s minds, emotions and sense of worth as their physical body through exercises on sounding, breathing movement and awareness. And the best part is that it’s all done in the privacy of your own home. The website also allows women to try the first week’s exercises completely free, so they can see how awesome and effective it is before committing to the full $180 six-week course.

Sounds a lot more stimulating than taking a class about, say, HTML. But let’s hope for the students’ sake that there’s no one else home when class is in session.