Martha Stewart Accused Of Affair With Hamptons Contractor Ben Krupinski

Martha Stewart is the queen of home decor — but one angry child says Martha is also a homewrecker. Page Six reports that former model Laura Krupinski, 47, the daughter of East Hampton contractor-to-the-stars Ben Krupinski, claims Martha and her father carried on an affair behind her mother’s back.

Ben Krupinski built the plush Hamptons estates of celebs like Stewart, Christie Brinkley, and Billy Joel. But, Laura Krupinski alleges, daddy dearest nailed more than the drywall for his domestic diva client. “I saw my father and Martha together on the beach one morning in Palm Beach a few years ago,” Laura Krupsinki blabbed to Page Six. “It was obvious something was going on.” Laura Krupinski divulged her suspicions to her mother, who didn’t believe her daughter’s claims. (In fairness, Ben Krupinski has worked for Stewart since at least 1992, when he was featured in the New York Times for restoring her 24-room East Hampton mansion.)

The parents allegedly retaliated. Now the poor little rich girl has been kicked out of the family-owned Bedford, New York mansion (ahem, where Martha Stewart also has a home) and seen her $26,000-a-month allowance evaporate. A rep for Martha Stewart said the domestic queen is “good friends with Ben and Bonnie” and left it at that.

I’m inclined to believe the publicist this time: surely Martha knows that being the mistress is not a good look.

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