Kickass Woman Of The Day: Karrie Brown, 17-Year-Old With Down Syndrome, Models For Wet Seal

Watch your back, ladies and gents of “America’s Next Top Model.” Teen clothing retailer Wet Seal recently shot a photoshoot with 17-year-old model Karrie Brown that is getting a lot of eyeballs. How come? Karrie isn’t just any high school junior who loves modeling — she also has Down Syndrome.

The “Today” show blog spoke with Karrie’s mother Sue Brown, who explained she photographed her daughter modeling a favorite outfit from Wet Seal and posted it on Facebook. Folks started tweeting at Wet Seal, asking if Karrie could model their clothes professionally. To everyone’s surprise, the company actually responded! Wet Seal reached out to Sue and promised if her Facebook page got 10,000 likes, they would have a special surprise for Karrie.  

Well 11,000 Facebook likes later, they made good on that promise: Wet Seat flew the budding model and her mom out to California, put them up in a hotel, treated them to Disneyland and In-N-Out burgers, and photographed a clearly thrilled Karrie with a legit fashion shoot.  “I thought she was going to get upset because she didn’t know what to do, she’d never had a professional photo shoot before,” Sue Brown told “All she said was, ‘Can I have some Justin Bieber music, please?’ So they played some Justin Bieber and she just took off.” No kidding — Karrie’s pics from the photoshoot are full of personality and genuine enthusiasm — no mopey model grimaces here.

Sue Brown lauded Wet Seal’s generosity to her daughter as “phenomenal”  — though she sounds like a pretty  phenomenal mom herself: “I just want people to understand my daughter is very capable of doing other things.” Now, we can all see.


[Facebook: Karrie Brown – Modeling The Future]

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[Images via Wet Seal]